Car insurance: Driving style 'just as important as the model'

Monday, 27 October 2008

People who have bought a smaller, greener vehicle in order to cut car insurance and other motoring costs still need to think about adapting their driving style, according to Clean Green Cars.

Using a diesel Mini Clubman as an example, the company said when the vehicle was driven without thinking about fuel economy it fell 25 per cent short of its official capability of 68.9 mpg.

However, during the MPG Marathon, when the person behind the wheel had undertaken eco-driving training, a Mini John Cooper Works recorded a figure of 50.3 mpg - a 23 per cent improvement on its advertised rating.

Therefore, if drivers are looking at cutting fuel costs as well as the price of their motor insurance premiums, Clean Green Cars claimed they need to think about adopting a smoother style behind the wheel.

Jay Nagley from the group commented: "Learning to drive in an eco-friendly way can better official figures by 25 per cent or more."

In other news, Clean Green Cars recently reported new car CO2 had dropped by 4.5 per cent in the third quarter of 2008.

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