Car insurance: Green not reigning supreme

Friday, 13 October 2006

Only six in ten drivers are prepared to forgo their vehicles in order to help the environment, a new report said today.

Leading car insurance company, found that 13.2 million drivers were not prepared to use public transport or walk, in order to help the planet.

Indeed even a cost per mile tax wouldn't be enough to sway car owners, although 97 per cent say they would consider buying a so-called green car.

Andrew Blowers, chief executive officer at, said: "An effective strategy to reduce harmful gases would be for the government to work with fuel suppliers and car manufacturers to reduce the cost of environmentally friendly cars and increase the availability of refuelling stations."

In this way drivers could still use their vehicles but the harmful gases emitted would decrease. gives drivers a ten per cent discount on their already cheap car insurance quote, if they drive green cars such as the Honda Civic.

Friends of the Earth, who campaigns on environmental issues, say people would save more money by using fuel efficient cars than they would if the government cut fuel duty.

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