Has VW Unveiled the Future of Motoring?

Thursday, 07 March 2013

The impressive creative design team over at German car manufacturing giant Volkswagen have made motoring history recently, after revealing their brand new VW XL1 to a crowd of gasping industry experts.

Car of the future

The XL1 certainly makes an impression, with its sleek new design resembling something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s not just the design that makes this car revolutionary, though - its environmental credentials are record-breaking, with VW claiming it can travel around 62 miles on just one litre of diesel. This stunning fuel economy results in an industry leading 314mpg, making it the most environmentally car in the world.

Impressive fuel economy is achieved through its ultra lightweight design, with a carbon-fibre shell and super-thin windscreen coming together to create a car that weighs just 795kg. The car is also powered by an 800cc two-cylinder engine, providing enough power to compete with other non-hybrid models in the field. Combine this with the stylish DeLorean-esque gullwing doors, and VW have created a top new concept car.

With both a diesel and electric-only mode, the car has been designed with urban and city driving in mind, whilst also managing to maintain high mpg standards in all scenarios - diesel-only still achieves a highly commendable 130mpg, giving drivers roughly 250 miles on a 10 litre tank of fuel.

Work in progress

VW are still working on this new development, and initial production volumes of between 50 and 5,000 units a year is likely to make it unobtainable for the majority of environmentally conscious drivers for a few years to come. There’s also the issue of price, with carbon fibre parts rarely coming cheap, and the associated car insurance costs that come with selecting such a pricey model.

The car is an encouraging development, though, demonstrating that some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers are starting to take the environment seriously, investing large sums of R&D money into diesel-electric hybrids such as the XL1. VW have also made significant leaps in design, possibly producing the world’s first truly stylish electric car!

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