Internet Cars to be the Norm by 2014?

Monday, 25 February 2013

From Knight Rider to Back to the Future and James Bond, fiction is full of cars capable of much more than simply travelling from A to B. But industry analysts have suggested that cars connected to the internet and packed with useful apps could be the norm by next year. Information company IHS has predicted that all new big brand cars in 2014 will be connected to the internet.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, consumers are ever more comfortable with using apps. Car manufacturers are now spending millions of pounds on developing "connected cars" for the future. Smartphone apps for finding a parking space and comparing local petrol prices are already in use, and the hope is that by integrating these with the car itself, manufacturers can make the experience even more user-friendly.

Using handheld phones whilst driving has been illegal in the UK since 2003. For this reason, the expectation is that firms will rely on advances in voice recognition technology to make apps voice activated. In the near future, you could post a tweet or search for local restaurants without even taking your hand off the steering wheel.

The windscreen could also be used, with a heads-up display showing directions, suggests the BBC. Another app could show drivers how long they will have to wait when sitting at a red light. The new systems could present big opportunities for smartphone software developers such as Apple and Google, which currently dominate the mobile market.

The plans have raised some concerns about safety; however, as it's believed the new features could distract drivers away from looking at the road. But some analysts believe the technology could actually make roads safer, as drivers would be able to use voice controls rather than fiddling with buttons on a device.

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