Motor insurance: Internet taking on new roles

Friday, 29 June 2007

Motor insurance provider has published research which shows that 35 per cent of Britons could not live without technology.

The study found that many people find products like the internet, mobile phones and PCs indispensable in their everyday lives.

It seems that the internet is beginning to play a bigger part in our daily lives and the way in which we use it is changing.

A large percentage (20 per cent) say that removing the net from their lives would make them more stressed, while 26 per cent claim they would spend more money because they make big savings by shopping online for things like motor insurance.
A massive 67 per cent of respondents use the web and other technological gadgets mainly for entertainment and 43 per cent prefer to use them in their leisure time.

"So many tasks and activities can be done online now, from shopping and managing our finances, to keeping in touch with friends and pure entertainment," said Craig Staniland, director of underwriting at

"It's no wonder so many of us spend our spare time online. We can now do pretty much anything online and this is reflected in how much time we are spending using technology.

"From being able to shop around for the best deals to giving us more free time, technology has brought many benefits to the way we live and work," he added.

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