Car insurance: London volunteers meet with success

Monday, 15 October 2007

A group of volunteers in London have said that plans to slow down speeding motorists have seen early success.

Residents in Hanworth Park stated that their speed gun measures have so far managed to cut down on dangerous driving, reports the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Now, the group are looking for further support from neighbours as they look to improve safety measures.

During the process, one volunteer captures the offenders while another logs down the relevant information.

Jim Simpson, who is part of the team, stated that he hopes the scheme will be a viable one that has a good outcome.

"There's a positive change on this road so it's worked well. The objective is not to catch them but to deter them so if we can do that we will be very happy," he told the publication.

Last week, a survey from stated that a portion of drivers (12 per cent) think the commute into work is the most stressful and could find their car insurance premiums are affected if they are involved in any bumps.
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