Motor insurance: Speeding woman caught twice by officer

Monday, 12 May 2008

A driver clocked up eleven points on her licence in the space of three months after being caught twice by the same police officer.

Sarah Jane McDonagh, of Parkways, Selby, was first spotted doing almost 100mph on a bypass and then seen driving at 52mph in a 30mph zone, the York Press reports.

Magistrates awarded her 11 points and fined her over £500 in charges and costs after hearing the same police officer booked her on both occasions, in February and then April.

The paper reports she told magistrates "she had had to queue when she filled up on February 28 and had not allowed enough time for her journey".

She reportedly said money worries over how she would pay a solicitor to help her deal with the first speeding offence had caused her mind to wander when she was caught a second time.

Ms McDonagh, who admitted both speeding charges, faces possible further costs as speeding convictions can often lead to higher car insurance premiums.

In areas such as Buckinghamshire speeding has become such a problem contributions from housing developers are being consider as a method to fund road improvements, as reported by the Bucks Free Press.

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