Car insurance: Men still think they're better

Monday, 23 April 2007

Men tend to think that they are better drivers than women despite statistic proving otherwise, according to an online insurer.

Results of the new survey show that almost a third of men think that men are better drivers than motorists of the fairer sex.

But the truth is that although there are 30 per cent more men on the roads, men are involved in nearly twice as many accidents, a fact which affects their motor insurance premiums.

According to the survey, 57 per cent of women said that they were better drivers than men, and nearly a quarter of men agreed to that statement.

The higher likelihood that men will be involved in a crash is the reason for the higher premiums men, particularly young men are forced to pay.

Research by a team at Bradford University suggested that it might be the hormone oestrogen that gives women the edge as drivers.

It might allow women to shift their attention from one thing to another.

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