Car insurance: 'Cameras generating revenue'

Friday, 06 June 2008

Campaigners have warned that new speed cameras could catch drivers out because they do not flash, something that may have an impact on car insurance premiums.

Motorists Against Detention noted that the devices will simply attempt to generate revenue for the authorities rather than improve safety, reports the Daily Express.

Furthermore, a spokesman at noted that times have changed and now it appears that the items do not serve a purpose.

"Originally we were in favour of speed cameras when they came in ten or 12 years ago as they were placed at accident blackspots," he told the paper.

He added that the investment in speed cameras does not equate to the number of accidents caused as a result of breaking the limit.

The new devices are digital, meaning that film inside them does not have to be replaced by operators.

Motorists in Bristol recently called for the introduction of more speed cameras in the Stapleton area following various incidents.

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