Car insurance: Motorists encouraged to cycle more

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Drivers with car insurance are being encouraged to cycle more – either for business of pleasure.

According to Cycling Motorists, half of all people who get behind the wheel also own a bike, although half of these only ride them occasionally.

However, among those who do not use a bike for journeys, females are apparently most likely to start travelling on two wheels again.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), therefore, has stated there is "huge potential" for taking up cycling again and getting more people pedalling to their destinations.

"Cycling Motorists provides powerful evidence for focusing campaigns to promote more cycling by the motorists who already cycle, as well as those who may need just a little push to get them riding again," said the organisation's director of policy and research.

Of course, those who do not plan to get biking might want to watch out for more two-wheelers on the roads. A suitable car insurance policy could ensure proper protection should any kind of accident happen.

Written by Noel Martin

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