Car insurance: Motorists to face roadside eye tests

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Motorists could soon face widespread roadside eye tests following a pilot scheme in south Wales.

Gwent police stopped up to 400 drivers and asked them to take part in a two-minute eye exam.

A number motorists were unable to read number plates just ten metres away from where they were standing.

Under current DVLA rules, drivers must be able to read a number plate in good light from 20 metres.

The small study in Gwent could now be repeated by forces up and down the country as police seek to tackle the threat of drivers with poor eyesight causing accidents.

Motorists who are unable to read roadsides or spot potential hazards pose a risk to themselves and other drivers.

The cost of vehicle repairs and compensation for injured drivers and passengers makes it hard to find a cheap car insurance quotes, meaning that all motorists are affected.

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