Car insurance: New safety device 'could be dangerous'

Saturday, 22 August 2009

New safety technology being fitted to autos in Europe could actually put drivers at risk of an accident and subsequent motor insurance claim, it has been suggested.

From 2012, all vehicles coming off the production line to be sold across the continent will be required by law to feature a tyre pressure monitoring system.

However, there are two types of technology available - direct and indirect - and Schrader Electronics has suggested the latter kind of device poses a safety risk.

It explained this system can take longer to identify if there is a problem with a car's tyres.

The company claimed this could prove problematic.

It stated: "The delay in providing this information to the driver is considerable, opening up the possibility of a rapidly deflating tyre not being detected and the possibility of an accident."

Meanwhile, the Highways Agency has suggested people who break down on the motorway could be risking a crash and consequent car insurance claim.

Written by Noel Martin

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