New year's resolutions for car insurance holders

Monday, 07 January 2013

Now that we have reached 2013, car insurance policyholders may be thinking of possible new years resolutions.

Perhaps your car use is involved in the things you want to improve for 2013? You could, for example, decide to save for that fresh motor you’ve been after, keep the car cleaner or offer to drive your parents to new places more often.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has been discussing motor-themed resolutions, and the things that drivers could think about to improve the way they use the roads next year.

“The New Year is a common time for people to sit back, reflect and evaluate their goals for the upcoming year. Why not begin by incorporating your driving behaviour into your list of resolutions for 2013?” he said.

To help, he’s even given some specific advice that could make the potentially unlucky sounding 2013 very lucky for motor insurance holders when they’re on the road.

If you’re the sort of driver who sometimes leaves it too late to get more petrol, this first recommendation could be for you: make sure you give fuel a top-up, particularly if you’re going to be in the car for a long-distance trip.

When it comes to being on the road during the night, meanwhile, remember you need to have the ability to halt your vehicle within the clear space you can see ahead. If you haven’t been turning lights to full-beam, do so this year when you can. And if mirrors and windows are at all dingy, maintain their cleanliness so you can see as well as possible.

Not keeping track of weather warnings? Take time to check them this year and pay attention to their advice. In very poor conditions, think about staying at home or taking transport other than your car.

Learn to anticipate the moves of your fellow drivers in situations like traffic lights, junctions and roundabouts, too.

Posted by Noel Martin.

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