Motor insurance: Cameras work during the night

Friday, 04 January 2008

North Wales Police have begun to implement speed cameras that can be used even at night, it has been revealed.

Fresh technology has been utilised by the force so that speeding drivers can be caught after dark, reports the Daily Post.

Inspector Essi Ahari, manager of the Arrive Alive campaign, stated that the development should be welcomed as a large percentage of accidents occur in the winter months.

"Research has shown that a significant proportion of collisions happen during the autumn and winter seasons, at evening time ... this is mostly attributed to weather conditions, reduced visibility, inappropriate speed and misjudgement of speed and distance," he told the publication.

Safety groups - such as The Association of British Drivers - have dismissed the items and argued that there is now too much of a focus on this crime by the forces and not on other dangers.

Motorists caught speeding may find that their motor insurance premiums are negatively affected.

Recently, the authorities in Portsmouth claimed that new speed cameras positioned on a stretch of road near the city will reduce accidents near roadworks.

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