Nissan Create 'Scent of the Future'

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

According to an official press release, Nissan Leaf customers and selected 'electric car fans' are going to receive a very special present this Christmas: an air freshener carrying the custom-created scent of a "low emissions future".

The air freshener is shaped like a Leaf (the car, not the plant appendage) and has been doused with a scent created by 'world-renowned' master perfumer, and certified Aroma Academy Scientist, Dr. George Dodd. Dr. Dodd's brief was to create a scent that not only 'represents a zero emissions future', but can be scientifically proven to give a sense of positivity and well-being to whoever sniffs it.

In a video posted on YouTube, Dr. Dodd discusses the complex process behind Nissan's new scent, and some of the ingredients he used to create it. Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Dodd mixed together essences of cut green grass, orange, myrtle oil and the so-called "light as air" molecule (whatever that is).

Of course, with this wonderful scent spreading calmness and well-being among motorists, perhaps we can expect to see a corresponding drop in road rage?

Cynicism aside, the playful marketing stunt caps a good year for electric vehicles: with charge points rolled out across the UK, and vehicles increasingly pushing the boundaries of speed and mileage, proponents of the new, green, technology are perhaps earning the right to think a little bigger. And with the glut of fuel cell vehicles that appeared at the LA and Tokyo motor shows, it could be that 2014 will see thousands of drivers seeking car insurance quotes for electric vehicles. Watch this space!


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