Motor insurance: Reading drivers urged to leave cars at home

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Motorists in Reading have been asked to leave their cars at home for one day and consider the possibility of taking other forms of transport to work.

Although some may regard public transport as expensive, the cost of additional items such as motor insurance and parking can soon add up. And local drivers have also been encouraged to look at the green aspects of other methods of travel.

A town-centre roadshow has been created, to coincide with European Mobility Week, at which council officials are extolling the virtues of cycling, walking and other methods of getting to work, the Reading Evening Post reports.

Tom Rippon from the council"s sustainability team told the publication: "By leaving the car at home, people will help to improve the air quality in the town, ease congestion on the roads and feel the benefits in their wallets."

Some motor insurance companies offer to offset the carbon used by their drivers with green projects.

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