Travel and Car News October 2010

  • Travel insurance in case of strikes 01 October 2010 People setting off to Spain next week could be caught up in an industrial dispute that may impact their travel insurance.
  • Ban for novice car insurance holders 'could save lives' 01 October 2010 If a night ban were imposed on newly-qualified car insurance policyholders, it would help save lives, according to new research.
  • Why do people drive when they're tired? 06 October 2010 Driving while tired can have serious consequences, so why do almost 75 per cent of UK drivers do it?
  • Motor insurance customers' checks 06 October 2010 A leading vehicle information body has urged motor insurance customers to ensure that they carry out background checks when buying second-hand cars
  • Green car insurance customers 07 October 2010 Car insurance customers considering what model of car to buy with a view to being environmentally friendly might be surprised to learn that smaller engines do not necessarily mean lower emissions
  • Car insurance rookies pushed 08 October 2010 New drivers about to embark on their first experience of arranging car insurance will have to endure further testing before they can remove their L-plates
  • Motorists warned of car insurance excess trap 08 October 2010 Drivers who opt for a higher excess on their car insurance policy to reduce the cost of their premiums, may find it is a false economy, it has been suggested.
  • HKIA is best airport for travel insurance holders 09 October 2010 Travel insurance policyholders may want to take note that Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has been named the Best Airport.
  • Motor insurance for autumn risk 09 October 2010 Young riders of mopeds must stay vigilant on the roads in these autumn months, while ensuring that they have appropriate motor insurance in case of any road accidents
  • Motor insurance cheats caught 09 October 2010 An expert from the University of Portsmouth has been working on methods of spotting fraud, with a new £112,000 study which is sure to be welcomed by honest motor insurance customers.


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