Car insurance: Motorists unaware traffic violations can make insurance worthless

Wednesday, 03 September 2008

The majority of British drivers are unaware that traffic violations can invalidate their car insurance, according to Swiftcover.

Research by the online insurance company has found 79 per cent of motorists have broken the speed limit on the motorway, 42 per cent regularly forget to indicate and 40 per cent have parked on double yellow lines.

However, 65.4 per cent of those questioned did not realise that if they were caught breaking the law behind the wheel their car insurance policy might be invalidated.

A further 82.7 per cent said they would not think to look into this before buying car insurance.

Craig Staniland from Swiftcover said: "Our experience shows that drivers with one speeding conviction are just as safe as those with none, so we do not charge those unfortunate enough to have been caught once."

However, he added other insurers might not be so understanding.

In other news, Peugeot has claimed motor insurance customers looking for a reliable repair and servicing company can rely on them to offer the highest standards of professionalism.

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