Part worn tyres can be dangerous

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

With people's finances stretched further than ever before by inflation, the number of drivers now purchasing part worn or second hand tyres is on the increase, but their safety can never be completely confirmed.

According to, car insurance customers are protected by new legislation which came into effect in 2005, to stop drivers from being sold defective part worn tyres. However, even legal tyres could have internal damage which is not easily detected.

With 1.9 million people now buying second hand, a spokesman said they could be at risk in winter, with a lack of traction on icy roads potentially causing accidents.

"Additionally many part worn tyres have only 3mm or less of tread and, therefore, offer very bad value for money," he added.

Michelin has also recently warned drivers that the best way to ensure safety this winter is to replace normal tyres with dedicated winter ones.

Posted by Noel Martin

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