Travel insurance: Majority of passengers 'accept airport checks'

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The majority of passengers and travel insurance customers using airports do not object to the security checks they have to pass, according to an organisation in the sector.

James Fremantle is industry affairs manager for the Air Transport Users Council and commented on whether or not people take such processes seriously.

Although there are a few complaints about the stringent nature of airport security, this is in the minority and most passengers accept it is an important measure.

"We have surprisingly few complaints about the process - about 20 to 39 throughout the whole of last year," Mr Fremantle said, adding that hubs now tend to warn flyers about what to expect at the checkpoint and what they can do to prepare.

His comments follow recent research published by G4S Aviation Services, which found that in the last five years 19 per cent of Britons have had something from their luggage confiscated by security.

It was also discovered that travellers from the UK had been forced to get rid of £60 million worth of goods that cannot pass through security, such as deodorants and manicure kits.

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