Parking Drives us Bonkers - So How About Paying with Conkers?

Thursday, 03 October 2013

Car parking is always a contentious issue, but two recent news stories illustrated that it drives us 'nuts' in more ways than one.

According to the Manchester Evening News, residents of Wythenshawe have been objecting to plans to build a 9,000 space car park at Manchester Airport. The scheme, which is being considered by the local council, has attracted criticism because the proposed car park is on land that was classed as Green Belt until a government rule change came into effect in July.

Objections have been raised on grounds of traffic increase (it's feared that congestion could lead to accidents and unnecessary insurance claims), pollution and loss of green space. Councillors could make a final decision later this year, following a visit to the site, scheduled for October 24.

At the other end of the parking news spectrum is a story revealing that motorists in Leeds and Manchester can pay for their parking using conkers instead of money.

The Daily Mail reports that car parks at the Merrion Centre and Clarence Dock in Leeds, and the Tariff Street car park in Manchester, value each conker at 20p and that up to 50 conkers can be exchanged for up to £10 worth of parking.

The company that runs the car parks is using the conkers to sponsor a forest in the UK, and claims that the idea behind the scheme is to bring back fond childhood memories during the autumn months.

With space at a premium, it’s refreshing to see a company putting fun before profit and making efforts to take the financial strain out of parking - though the effort of collecting large quantities of conkers could perhaps be prohibitive for some motorists!

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