Car insurance: Man arrested for petrol-bombing speed camera

Thursday, 10 August 2006

A man has been arrested for trying to avoid a speeding fine and penalty points on his driving licence by setting light to a speed camera.

Craig Moore was caught breaking the speed limit by a road mounted camera in Hyde, Manchester. However, Mr Moore then attempted to blow-up the camera in order to destroy the evidence of his motoring offence.

The £11,700 camera was left intact by Mr Moore's attack and even managed to take a photograph of his van moments before he attempted to destroy the device.

A Manchester detective explained: "All we had to do was trace his number plate and arrest him. He'd only have got a £60 fine and three points on his licence but now he could go to jail."

Mr Moore admitted destroying property and faces sentencing next month.

Drivers are reminded that if they are caught speeding and have points added to their driving licenses they must inform their car insurance provider. However, such points do not automatically lead to an increase in motor insurance premiums and motorists are encouraged to use online car insurance quotes calculators to seek out a competitive policy.

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