Car insurance: Weather can't stop police

Friday, 22 February 2008

Police in Chipping Norton managed to carry on through adverse weather conditions and undertake car safety checks in the area.

Fog on London Road meant that Thames Valley Police could not go through with initial plans to monitor speeding drivers, but instead they looked at those breaking the law in other ways, reports the Banbury Guardian.

In conjunction with Oxfordshire county council, police managed to capture 22 individuals who were not wearing their seatbelts, while four people were found to have been using their mobiles at the wheel.

However, the harsh weather conditions eventually subsided and officers were able to carry out their speed checks, during which seven motorists were given fixed penalty punishments.

Those stopped for the seatbelt and mobile telephone offences were given an alternative option to attend safety classes instead of the designated fines.

Drivers caught breaking the law may find that car insurance premiums are negatively impacted upon.

Police who recently implemented a scheme in Cheshire to stop dangerous driving said that it has been a success.

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