Car insurance: Police encourage UV marking

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Police are encouraging sat-nav owners to ensure they UV mark their systems.

There has been a significant increase in the number of thieves targeting cars which have expensive sat-nav devices, especially when drivers fail to hide the systems out of sight. In addition, being forced to claim on car insurance policies for damage caused by such thieves could mean higher premiums for drivers in the long-term.

However, drivers are being told to ensure they keep a record of their unit's serial number and mark it with a traceable UV marker to help police recover their item and stop criminals selling the sat-nav systems on.

Detective Inspector John Minary of West Yorkshire Police, advised: "If you do have a portable sat-nav system, remove it from your car altogether when you are not driving. Do not leave it in your glove compartment – it is the first place thieves look."

He added: "Marking your sat-nav with UV marker pens means that stolen goods are easier to trace back to the owner when they are recovered and you should also keep a note of your system's serial number, make and model to ensure you have as much information as possible should you be a victim of theft."

Many expensive in-car gadgets are not covered by some cheap car insurance products and owners are advised to make sure they double-check the small print on their car insurance policies just in case they are unfortunate to have items stolen.

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