Car insurance: Ease your post-car crash anxieties

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Recovering from a road accident takes time and for many people getting back behind the wheel can be a traumatic event.

Studies show that motoring accidents can cause anxiety for long periods of time afterwards and this affects lots of people, with over 30,000 being seriously injured after accidents in 2004 alone.

Stephen Dullenty is a concerned insurance manager and says: "Delays in diagnosis can result in even more serious complications and reduce the chances of a full and speedy recovery, so making sure you have the right cover is key."

Getting the best cheap car insurance isn't difficult now that you can get it online, but as well as looking after your car after an accident it is important to look after yourself.

People are affected both mentally and physically so visit a physiotherapist if you feel you need advice about any whiplash sustained from a crash.

Or make an appointment with a driving instructor to talk through your driving anxieties and receive some top-up training which may help you feel more confident on the road.

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