Travel insurance: Tony is the king of free holidays

Wednesday, 03 January 2007

Tony Blair has received luxurious holidays to the value of £775,000 for free during his time as Prime Minister, according to new reports.

All Mr Blair may have had to buy was cheap travel insurance online because he managed to get freebie trips to over 15 luxurious locations where he stayed with the likes of singing superstars Sir Cliff Richard and Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

He spent New Year in the Bee Gee's Miami home but insists that he gives a charitable donation in lieu of the rent he would pay for such a holiday.

However, some have criticised his penchant for the free holiday.

Phillip Davies, an MP, said: "The propriety and integrity of Prime Ministers of whatever party has never been called into question before.

"But we're at the stage where the office is being demeaned. I think we do now need to look again at the system so that when a Prime Minister takes a holiday like this, he is required to spell out how much he has donated to charity instead of payment."

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