Remote Control Homes: Coming Soon?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How often have you gone for a weekend away and wondered whether you left the heating on? Or left the tending of your garden to a trusted neighbour, only to find they've let your favourite flowers die? If these are the kind of things that prey on your mind, you might be interested in some new tech developments that let you take control from afar.

Toronto-based tech start up Wimoto has recently launched an indiegogo campaign allowing users to pre-order their innovative new 'motes': tiny, wireless sensors which gather data from their environment and send it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The 'Securimote' contains an infra-red motion detector and an accelerometer, offering a simple way to keep watch on your home when you go on a trip. The mote itself is tiny, easily fitting into the palm of your hand, allowing it to be stashed discreetly in strategic spots around the home.

The 'Climote', meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like: measuring temperature, humidity and light levels, these little chips could well be handy for monitoring your heating and electricity usage.

If you're green-fingered, the 'Growmote' can be placed with your plants to let you know when they need water, whether they're getting enough light and even if frost is coming. This means that you don't have to keep your friends and neighbours on garden duty standby, - just give them a shout if your plants are in peril.

Those of you who are even more inclined to keep close control of your greenery might be interested in the new Bitponics system. A more advanced plant monitoring system, Bitponics essentially connects your greenery to the cloud, so you can remotely monitor everything from pH to humidity - and it even allows you to remotely water your plants!

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