Retro-fitting option to improve economy

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Motorists who are finding it hard to cope with rising fuel costs could consider retro-fitting their car in order to improve its economy. found that more than three-quarters of car insurance policyholders were prepared to take this step, which could include adding a hybrid or EV system.

Engine chipping is another option for motorists, while simpler changes such as removing the factory-fitted roof rack or covering wheels with smooth hub cabs could also be considered.

The website pointed to figures from, which showed that the cost of petrol currently stands at 133p a litre, making economy improvements an important aspect of motoring.

Drivers could also improve their chances of going through less petrol by slowing down and avoiding sudden acceleration and braking.

Ensuring tyres are pumped up properly is important, while avoiding travelling with a boot full of un-needed clutter could also help petrol go further.

Posted by Noel Martin

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