Car insurance: Campaign is a 'success'

Monday, 03 March 2008

One woman has been successful in a campaign to implement double yellow lines outside a school in Norfolk.

Caister's Lorraine Lodge, 41, helped to collect a petition signed by people who stated that improved safety measures should be put in place after an incident outside a local school, reports the Norwich Evening News.

Alongside the new road markings a lollipop lady will be deployed by the Caister First and Nursery School.

Ms Lodge noted her delight at the changes and said that a "huge difference" will be seen in the future near to the premises.

"Now we're pushing for a 20mph speed limit down the road. A lot of parents go down the road at about 30 or 40 miles an hour but sometimes I still get to school quicker than people who drive," she told the publication.

A mock accident was recently staged in Burnley with the help of volunteers to try and help those nearby to understand road safety issues.

Drivers involved in accidents could find that their car insurance premiums are negatively impacted upon.

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