Save water in your bathroom

Thursday, 12 July 2012

There's nothing better than a hot bath – but for some home insurance holders, filling up the tub will often be accompanied by a slight feeling of guilt about using up so much water.  

Perhaps they could make themselves feel better with the help of Geberit's Sara Johnston, who has recently given some advice on water-saving items that people can use in their bathrooms.

These will both help to make a home increasingly efficient as well as cut down on bill prices, she said.

Meanwhile, they make sure that up-to-date building regulations are adhered to, she added.

She said, for example, that most wasted water is the product of loo flushing – meaning that dual flush toilets might make a real difference.

She also explained that using items that save water might help potential home sellers, because those looking for new homes have become more and more interested in being environmentally friendly.

Speaking about bathrooms, dk interiors' Debra Kacher recently said: "The bathroom is now a place of sanctuary, a room to escape from the rest of the household, a room to unwind and relax."

Posted by Noel Martin.

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