Car safety: Road initiative in Scotland

Friday, 28 March 2008

Police in Scotland have announced the creation of a new road safety initiative that will look to improve driving conditions there.

Awareness Weekend has been set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (ACPOS) and will target rural highways, where a high number of accidents take place, the Press Association reports.

During the operation, police with high visibility outfits are set to be deployed on a number of roads over the course of three days.

Secretary of the ACPOS and Assistant Chief Constable for Strathclyde Jim Green urged all drivers to stick to the law and stay within the speed limit.

He told the news provider: "The consequences of speeding are not only points on your licence and a fine but - especially if you don't wear your seatbelt - death or serious injury."

Mr Green added that there are a number of dangers drivers have to deal with on rural roads, something that could impact on their car insurance.

This week, stated that drivers are being charged additional fees when they make amendments to their car insurance policies, such as obtaining duplicate documents.

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