Car insurance: Out-of-place speed sign confuses drivers

Friday, 02 June 2006

Scottish council chiefs in Edinburgh have been left red-faced after installing a 40mph speed limit sign just yards from a 30mph speed camera.

Dozens of speeding tickets have been cancelled after Lothian and Borders Safety Camera Partnership admitted it would not be issuing tickets form the camera while the sign was still in place.

However, the council claims it is stumped at to how the sign got there, as neither it nor any agencies working for it will admit to erecting it.

Drivers issued with a ticket for driving between 30 and 40mph may well feel hard done by, not least because they would face a fine, but also as speeding tickets add points to a driver's licence.

As these points accumulate, drivers will find it themselves hit in the pocket again, as car insurance firms raise their premiums for those with more than three points.

This means drivers looking for the cheapest car insurance quotes over the internet or phoning up for a cheap car insurance quote will find it a lot tougher to get a good deal.

Edinburgh city council bosses have claimed they are looking into how the sign appeared.

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