Car insurance: Mobile speed cameras hit Scotland

Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Scottish drivers hurtling down tiny countryside lanes and remote roads in the country will be targeted by a new kind of speed camera, mounted on a police motorcycle.

The system will use VHS video technology to capture speeding drivers and issue tickets, allowing the mobile camera to monitor narrow roads which are otherwise inaccessible to speed camera vans.

Motorists caught out by speed cameras can expect a fine as well as points on their licence, which hit the pocket again when motorists find their car insurance premiums have risen as a result.

Unlike the normal stationary speed cameras, the new VHS versions on the bikes will not flash, using streaming footage to convict offending drivers.

This means motorists in Scotland will not know they have been caught breaking the law until they receive the penalty notice through their letterbox.

However, motorist groups have once again complained, claiming the new technology is infringing "civil liberties".

Paul Smith, founder of SpeedSafe, which lobbies against speed cameras, told the Scotsman: "There is certainly a civil liberty issue about this new technology. But, more importantly, it's just another addition to a road safety policy that is clearly failing."

Currently, police can only use speed cameras on roads where two accidents involving deaths or serious injuries have occurred over a 5km stretch of road.

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