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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter is a great time to revamp the bedroom with a fresh bed. Now that the season of shivers is here, they offer a great source of warmth, so a new bed can really come into its own.

In fact, one piece of Dreamland research recently found that people opt to go to bed almost half an hour before they otherwise would to stay warm, rather than switching on radiators, in these chilly times.

There are apparently plenty of other things that happen in beds, too! Dreamland has also chronicled some of them.

On average a bed will see 4,160 kisses, but also be the place that 240 books are read. People will enjoy 3,640 cuddles there, but also reply to emails relating to work.

And make sure you pick up home insurance for the phones and other items that you will presumably be keeping by the bed, based on the fact that people send out an average of 14,600 texts from each bed they own.

And while on average beds last for a decade, and three years, six months of this sees folk relaxing on the pieces of furniture, not all of that time involves sleep, which takes up two years, eight months.

2,000 British people took part in the research. "We spend a lot of time in our beds. It’s quite staggering to realise all of the different activities we get up to under our duvets," said Dreamland's Jacqueline Townson.

She also said that people who share beds often face problems at winter time because people argue about the likes of cold feet, or one person getting more than their fair share of the duvet.

If you want to revamp your sleeping arrangements, why not follow this advice from the sleep council's Jan Turner?

♦ Visit a bed shop with a lot of choice then try many of them out.

♦ Choose shops that employ staff who know what they're talking about.

♦ Have a proper lie on beds you are interested in, not just a sit down on them.

♦ Bring your partner too, should they be sharing the bed.

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