Car insurance: 'Seatbelts are important'

Friday, 04 January 2008

Motorists in Maryport have been warned about the importance of wearing a seatbelt as the authorities look to improve car safety.

Operation Pundit was instigated in December in tandem with Cumbria Fire and Rescue Services and a number of penalty notices were handed out because drivers did not belt up, reports News & Star.

Maryport Local Policing Team's PC Liz Hampson stated that despite the cold weather, the police were harsh on those who broke the law.

"Despite being a very frosty -4 C on many occasions during the operation, numerous drivers were given Fixed Penalty Notices for failing to wear a seatbelt," she told the publication.

She added that drivers should use a belt not just for their own safety but the safety of others.

Those caught not wearing a seatbelt could find that their car insurance premiums are impacted upon.

Chief Road Safety Officer for Calderdale Peter Stephenson recently stated that many lives could be saved if people use their seatbelts.

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