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Wednesday, 02 May 2012

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The head of a taxi company has said that bike users are responsible for their own accidents on the road.

John Griffin, the boss of the UK's biggest cab firm, Addison Lee, has suggested that cyclists should expect to get hurt if they get on a bike with no protection.

In spite of Mr Griffin's strong statement, bicycles are legal road vehicles and motorists must respect their presence.

Driving training specialist Simon Elstow at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has provided guidance for drivers on how to share the road with cyclists to avoid getting into an accident.

Mr Elstow noted that drivers should stay aware of cyclists and bikers on the road by regularly checking their mirrors, especially when changing directions in traffic queues.

"Sharing the road is an inevitable part of using it, as is the frustration that sometimes goes with that," he added.

When passing a cyclist, drivers should make sure that they do not cut them up by immediately turning left after overtaking. It is also important to give them ample space when passing, as they may have to move further out into the road to navigate objects such as drains.

Finally, road users should check for bikes on the road when opening the driver-side door once parked in order to avoid knocking a cyclist off his or her bike.

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