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Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Drivers are five times more likely to have their cars stolen in Sheffield than any where else in the UK, a report said today.

The survey, based on insurance claims, found Sheffield to be a "car crime capital" despite many recently introduced security measures.

Joanne Roney, the executive director of Neighbourhoods and Community Care for Sheffield Council, told Sheffield Today: "Despite public information campaigns and our nationally acclaimed 'celebrity' talking parking meters, we are still struggling to get the message across."

Sheffield Council is now concentrating on increasing car parking attendants in the city centre to make people less worried about car crime.

Supt Paul Broadbent, who polices Sheffield, added: "Recent figures suggest that our new ways of working are starting to have an effect."

Sheffield's parking meters feature celebrity voices such as Rolf Harris and David Beckham, all mimicked by voice artist Stuart Smith. Each "celebrity" warns drivers to be vigilant about thieves.

Theft from parked cars amounts to millions of pounds each year and police advice to store all personal belongings out of sight. It is also important to have car insurance for when thieves attack.

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