"Slightly Haunted" House on the Market in America

Monday, 06 January 2014

There are a few features people tend to look out for when they buy a property. Hardwood floors, a great location, and a nice garden are a few. One home in Pennsylvania, USA, is offering all of these, plus something a little extra: according to the owner, the home has its very own ghost.

The home’s current owner, Greg Leeson, advertised his four-bedroom house as only being "slightly haunted". Disembodied footsteps, knocking sounds, screams at 3am, and a ghostly face in the bathroom mirror are just a few of the things the new home owner can expect from their purchase.

As reported by NBC, Leeson worried that not telling people about the ghost could land him in legal trouble. He said: “I was trying to keep it light. I have been reading online, and people saying you are supposed to disclose it. I don’t know the laws here, but thought better safe than sorry.”

While some people may be put off by it, Leeson is confident that discussing his home’s strange features will actually help him to sell the historic property, which dates back to 1901. Frank DeFazio, a local real estate agent, agrees. He told NBC “in a historic district like Philadelphia, where President James Madison died, that can increase the value."

Americans might be attracted by haunted properties, but in the UK having a ghost is more of a liability than a selling point. Earlier this year Wymering Manor in Portsmouth failed to sell at auction due to reports of a choir of ghostly nuns.

There are a few downsides to having ghostly housemates, even if you’re not afraid of the supernatural. Landlords Neil and Louise Bonner spoke to the Daily Mail about their rental property in Stoke-on-Trent, which they believed to be haunted by the captain of the Titanic. As well as ghostly bumps in the night, the ghost also flooded the kitchen - and unfortunately, most home insurance policies don't cover paranormal activity!

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