Car insurance: Driver ability 'more important in the south'

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Drivers in the south of the UK believe that ability is the key to preventing road accidents, according to a new poll.

Research conducted by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) suggests that 61 per cent of motorists driving around the M25 believe that ability is more important than seat belts or speed cameras in helping to ensure safety on UK roads.

Just 50 per cent of drivers surveyed in the West Midlands felt that driver skills were important when it came to lowering accidents and the figures were even lower for those recently involved in an incident.

Those drivers who admitted to having a crash in the last 24 months preferred to blame unexpected hazards or driving too close to the vehicle in front rather than suggest it was because of poor motoring ability.

"This survey is a bit of a shock – there is clearly confusion surrounding what contributes to a potential crashes," said IAM's chief executive Christopher Bullock.

He explained: "Collisions are not just accidents: they are caused by human error. Driver skill gives the ability to not only anticipate unexpected hazards but also to set safer following distances."

Motorists are reminded that poor driving skills could lead to higher car insurance premiums if they are forced to claim but shopping around for the best car insurance quote could help to offset any additional costs.

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