Motor insurance: 'Refunds' for drivers?

Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Over 25,000 motorists captured by a speed camera in Dorset may be set to receive a refund, it has been announced.

The drivers will have a fine returned to them because there was supposed to be a road marking out a 30mph zone but this was not created, reports the Daily Mail.

Dorset Safety Camera Partnership has had to admit that such individuals were victims of an error and now £1.5 million may be returned.

While drivers call the stretch of road in question Seaton Road, it is not listed on a map, something that led Judge Ann Arnold to question the validity of the restriction, after a man appealed against his fine.

"The view we have reached is that the judgement could be applicable to other cases relating to enforcement by the safety camera monitoring westbound traffic at the Chideock site on the A35, towards Exeter," the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership noted in a statement.

In related news, the transport secretary Ruth Kelly recently announced that on busy sections of motorway the hard shoulder may be used to ease congestion.

Drivers caught speeding may find that their motor insurance premiums are negatively impacted upon.

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