Motor insurance: Cameras 'a distraction'

Friday, 23 May 2008

Many motorists believe that the presence of speed cameras is putting them off from driving and not cutting down on accidents, it has been revealed.

In a poll from RoadPilot, 52 per cent of those who replied said that signs warning of cameras are inadequate and do not stipulate their locations.

Moreover, more than 30 per cent of the questioned drivers contended that they brake when they see a camera despite their speed, risking the safety of themselves and others behind them.

Chief executive at RoadPilot James Flynn asserted that it is an issue that the devices are harming people's perception of the roads rather than encouraging them.

"It is worrying that many people think that speed cameras are having an adverse effect on their driving, especially given that they were introduced as a means of improving road safety in the first place," he commented.

Additionally, 52 per cent of the drivers studied suggested that they are distracted by speed cameras as they are looking out for them and not keeping their eyes on the road.

Recently, drivers in Essex claimed that police are hiding speed cameras behind unmarked vehicles there to try and catch them out.

Those caught speeding may find that their motor insurance premiums are impacted upon.

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