Motor insurance: Cameras 'will help during roadworks'

Thursday, 03 January 2008

Fresh speed cameras have been implemented on one stretch near Portsmouth as the authorities look to clamp down on criminal offences.

The average speed check devices have been placed on the A27 which links Havant and Emsworth in the attempt to cut down on fast driving, reports the News.

Despite the police having said that the cameras will improve safety in the area while roadworks are carried out, opponents have stated that they will cause more problems.

One of these is the Association of British Drivers founding member Hugh Bladon, who stated that people will be forced to drive slowly even at times when work is not being carried out.

"Everyone has lost respect for cameras because they know they are just a great big gravy train and cameras don't deter people who are uninsured or who are drunk or on drugs," he told the publication.

Highways Agency spokesman Stuart Thompson announced that the machines will be set live later in January as fresh roadworks begin on the 7th of this month.

Drivers caught breaking the law could find that their motor insurance premiums are damaged.

Recently, officials in Oxford stated that the number of road deaths have been halved in the past year after a new safety drive.

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