Motor insurance: 'Mixed views' on law changes

Friday, 26 October 2007

A number of officials have stated that they are divided over plans to introduce a new generation of speed cameras as part of the government's proposals for 20mph zones.

Road safety campaigner from Exeter Nina Morgan stated that she did not know if new limits were the best things to go forward with, reports the Express and Echo.

She said that she was not convinced people pay any attention to speed cameras, despite new restrictions in the Exeter area.

However, Stuart Hughes, county councillor, stated that the developments are a great way to help solve erratic driving in the region.

"I don't believe we should be putting in speed humps and traffic calming in every area as the costs will be too much and speed cameras are something that would be more effective. Speed cameras could be something we need to look at in more detail," he told the publication.

A number of areas will implement 20mph zones in the near future, the publication stated.

Recently, it was revealed that there is to be an investigation into irregularities in terms of speeding convictions in Lancashire, the Blackpool Gazette said.

Motorists could find that their car insurance premiums are affected if they are caught breaking the law.

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