Car insurance: Frowning Sid says 'slow down'

Friday, 14 July 2006

A new speed limit indicator which displays happy or sad faces to drivers is being tested in a Suffolk town.

The Speed Indicator Device (Sid) has been installed as part of the county's efforts to cut speeding in the area, where cars were found to regularly break the speed limit through a small village.

Sid works by generating a large sad face for drivers who are breaking the speed limit, while displaying a smiling face for those driving within the limit.

The idea of the system was to embarrass drivers who were speeding by letting everyone else know they were breaking the limit.

And the system will also help drivers cut their car insurance costs, as people who are caught speeding will find their motor insurance premiums rise as a result.

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman told the Cambridge Evening News: "This project, the first of its kind in this country, is aimed at educating and encouraging drivers to keep within the speed limits.

"Sid is essentially the friendly side of speed enforcement, non-threatening, but nevertheless effective. Speeds have reduced during Sid's visits and early monitoring of accidents, shows pleasing results.

"Speeds have dropped by ten to 14 per cent on average during Sid visits."

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