Motor insurance: Man gets away with speeding fine

Monday, 25 February 2008

A man in Nottingham has got away with a speeding charge after it was revealed that road signs were incorrect.

This is because on one section of the A6514 there is a 40mph limit and a 30mph limit on the same stretch of road, reports This is Nottingham.

Colin Wright's solicitor brought this to the attention of the Crown Prosecution Service who decided to drop the speeding ticket.

Mr Wright, 40, stated that any conviction could have had a negative impact on his job, which involves a great deal of driving.

"If they get the signs right in the first place they can expect to get correct enforcement but if they are wrong it causes confusion and people get convicted for no good reason," he told the publication.

Drivers caught speeding may find that their motor insurance premiums are negatively impacted upon.

Last week, drivers claimed in the East Herts Herald that a speed camera in Great Amwell has been flashing drivers who are not breaking the law.

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