Motor insurance: Camera set alight in Wiltshire

Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Angry motorists have been blamed for setting fire to a speed camera in the Wiltshire area, news that may be of interest to those who wish to see their motor insurance premiums remain intact.

Residents said that they were shocked that the device - situated opposite a school - has been torched in such a blatant manner, reports the Gazette & Herald.

One of the locals, 62-year-old Jenny White, remarked that the offender has obviously been trying to enact revenge and that nothing similar has happened in the locality in the past.

But the Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership's Sergeant, Nick Blencowe, said that similar acts of vandalism have taken place elsewhere in the county.

"Although this person might not support the idea of a camera it doesn't give them the right to commit criminal damage," he told the paper.

He added that the device in question had been positioned on the A346 without incident for a decade before this attack.

In Scotland, revellers about to attend the Rock Ness festival have been given warning over speeding by organisers after people were captured breaking the law last year.

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