Motor insurance: Cars to talk to each other

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Futuristic technology being developed by Vauxhall could significantly cut down on car accidents and motor insurance claims.

A safety system being developed by Vauxhall allows cars to 'talk' to each other so they can take steps to avoiding accidents.

The Vehicle-to-Vehicle, or V2V, uses GPS technology so that cars cans sense their proximity to one and other.

Using information on location, speed and direction of other cars, the system can warn drivers of a potential collision which the they are unaware of, such as a car approaching or stationary on a blind corner.

The motorist can be alerted to the risks through a visual display, by sounds or by vibration coming up through the seat.

And even if the driver takes no action, the system can apply the brakes.

This technology has the ability of cutting down accidents between cars significantly, including head to head collisions, side on impact and rear endings.

By reducing the number of accidents, it could mean fewer motor insurance claims.

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