Top Tips for Sprucing up Your Car This Spring

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

When spring finally arrives, many of us will roll up our sleeves and give our homes a thorough spring clean. But wait - what about your poor car? It's sitting outside, may be slightly neglected and could well be in need of a bit of a scrub-up. Don't wait until your car is so dusty that passers-by leave messages on your windscreen before you lavish it with some TLC - you can prolong the life of your vehicle and keep car insurance costs down by looking after its upkeep in between MOTs. Here are a few top tips for sprucing up your car this spring.

Look at the tyre pressure

Changes in temperature can affect tyre pressure, whilst driving on notoriously uneven winter roads is often hard work on your car. Over or under-inflated tyres are likely to wear out more quickly (and may impact on your fuel economy) so avoid unnecessary replacement costs by checking the recommended pressure for your car and then maintaining it.

Check the essentials

Winter can take its toll on your car's engine, so now is an excellent time to check oil and water levels, clean or replace the air filter, examine the condition of the battery and spark plugs, and ensure the brakes are functioning properly.

Look out for damage

Potholes may have left an impression on your vehicle if roads in your area froze and then thawed out, with potholes thought to be a significant cause of damage to tyres and steering. Check for telltale damage to tyre rims or other signs such as rust, leaks or a bulge in the sidewall area of your tyres - in some cases, replacement may be required.

Clean out the inside!

How often have you snacked while driving and then stuffed the wrapper in the door compartment? Grab a bin bag and have a good clear out of clutter-prone areas, such as the glove box, under the seats and in the doors, then vacuum the interior - this may also help to deter opportunistic thieves, making it clear that your car is empty and that there is nothing of value to steal amongst the clutter. If you're feeling extra virtuous, you could even wash the outside and apply some wax too!

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