Top 5 Sci-Fi Motors

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In the recently released sci-fi epic Oblivion, Tom Cruise has just about the smartest space shuttle a man could wish for; but his handy hardware is just the latest in a long line of cinematic motors that have had us drooling. Here we look at our pick of the bunch:

1. The Tumbler (The Dark Knight Rises)

Think you know the Batmobile? Think again. This supercharged monster is part tank, part car, and all agility. You might have to put up with a rather bumpy ride if you go for Wayne Enterprise's creation, but if you're worried about missile attacks and don't want to compromise on cornering, there's no finer fictional ride.

2. Spinners (Blade Runner)

Nobody does space age flying machines like Ridley Scott, and the Spinners he devised for his sci-fi masterpiece are the perfect combination of recognisable comfort and super-fast transportation. We're not convinced that town planners are quite ready for flying cars yet, though.

3. The Delorean (Back To The Future)

This retro icon might be an acquired taste for some, but nobody can deny that Doc Brown's time-travelling modifications make this a must-have for any daydreaming motorist. Although if you were to have a breakdown in the distant past, roadside recovery may have some difficulty in picking you up.

4. Q Branch Lotus Esprit (The Spy Who Loved Me)

The Lotus Esprit might be the only car with hard enough lines and an edgy enough image to match the Delorean in retro appeal, and the fact that it can drive underwater is a bonus we could never pass up. Aside from being rather handy in tracking villains, it would also eliminate the hassle from holidays to the continent. No more ferries!

5. Audi RSQ (I, Robot)

After all this high concept gimmickry and square-edged nostalgia, it's definitely time for some sleek elegance, and nothing says elegance quite like the silver Audi in I, Robot. Unlike the anarchic Spinners, these hover just above the road and obey the Highway Code. Better still, they warn the driver when an accident looks likely: and that's a positive from a car insurance perspective!

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