Car insurance: 'Tyre pressure should take account of extra weight'

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Motorists who want to avoid a car insurance claim this Christmas should check their tyres before setting out on long journeys in laden-down vehicles, a road safety group has warned.

TyreSafe stated many families experience frustrating delays at the side of the road at this time of year because tyre pressure has not been adjusted to take account of extra passengers and luggage.

Rob Beddis, chairman with the organisation, said: "Although fewer cars are on the road over the Christmas period, the number suffering from tyre-related problems is alarming."

He added if people do not consult their vehicle's handbook and change their tyre pressure in accordance with guidance on additional loads, they could end up having a blowout and an accident.

In these circumstances, a motor insurance claim could be the least of a motorist's problems.

Previously, TyreSafe suggested drivers may benefit from fitting their cars with cold weather tyres at this time of year.

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